Improving Health and Well-Being of Women and their Families in Nepal

Reconstruction of clinics - three of the four clinics were damaged in the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Mahankhal and Tipeni clinics were both rebuilt with support from Friends of Nepal Pariwar as well as other donors, and now, as of 2019, self supporting and meeting salary and clinic management expenses with their own resources.

Mulkharka Clinic - Two clinic rooms on the ground floor are constructed with rebar reinforced cement pillars and tie beams. Second floor quarters for the nurse midwives is light weight metal and wood frame, plywood and corrugated metal on roof and protective siding. At 8,000 feet, clinic serves a remote area 24-hours a day. Patients commonly walk 2-4 hours to this clinic. Binda Aryal is the clinic's incharge nurse midwife. She is assisted by Apsara Gautam, also a nurse midwife.


Hinquwapati Clinic - This clinic was not damaged in the earthquake and remains in its original building. In 2018-19, the experienced nurse midwives delivered 115 babies. Urmila Rai and Rita Shresta are both from the local area and certified as Nurse Midwives. Urmila is supported 50% from clinic income. Due to the absence of medical materials in rural areas, Urmila and Rita manufacture their own cotton dressings. Urmila has been the clinic's senior nurse midwife for over 15 years. Her son is now enrolled in school and less demanding on her time.


A late night delivery enjoying the warmth of the morning sun. Nurse midwives are available 24-hours a day for emergency deliveries.